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Online Training Courses

We have now reintroduced face to face training in line with government guidelines and Health and Safety regulations.


Part of your training can now be provided as an online course to minimise the amount of face to face time.

Blended learning and external accreditation options


Physical Intervention Skills – Please contact us to discuss how we can safely deliver your training via online course and in person or via video.  

Soft Restraint Kit - You are now able to complete the Theory session of this course online, which means we will only need to deliver the physical session of the course in person.


Livelink & bespoke consultancy - Doug is able to provide live tutorials, assess methods or even host discussions to groups via Zoom or other video media.


I hope this helps to give you and your staff the assurances that we are here to help you facilitate your consultancy and training needs during these unprecedented times.

To purchase our online courses please visit our shop


Stay safe and stay inside.

The Safer Handling Team

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