Soft Restraint Kit Training
The Soft Restraint equipment is not issued or sold without certified training. This has been a key issue with the nationally and internationally established credibility with the device.
The training programme is tailored to ensure it is “profession specific” and based on the needs and requirements of your staff and service users.  We provide both end-user and train the trainer courses.
We provide our training both in the UK and Internationally and offer both in-house and open End-User and Train the Trainer courses, plus Online Courses.

Course Aim


The aim of this course is to instruct participants in the underpinning legal knowledge and the working principles of how to use Soft Restraint equipment safely.


Course Objectives


1. Identify the Component Parts of the Soft Restraint.

2. Identify the Risks Associated with the use of the Soft Restraint.

3. Understand the Health & Safety implications with regards to the use of the Soft Restraint

4. Understand the Law in relation to the Soft Restraint as a Use of Force option.

5. Apply and Remove the Soft Restraint in a Safe and Effective Manner.

Train the Trainer Open Courses

We have now reintroduced face to face training and will work with you to mitigate risks associated with Covid 19.  Below you will find dates of our open courses.  Alternatively, we can come to your organisation to train your own staff. 


Part of your training is now be provided as an online course to minimise the amount of face to face time.


There will be concerns no doubt about staff being together all at once in one room during the session we deliver face to face.  One very popular option now are back to back sessions, consecutive sessions throughout the training day is a healthy way to mitigate the risks. 


Class sizes are dictated by the amount of room you have, we are happy to deliver training outside where possible although well ventilated hall or training room.


We can have the least amount of contact between trainers and delegates by utilising our instructional clips on a screen and having them working together in their usual “bubbles” where possible, which forms the basis of our risk assessed framework for training delivery. 


Further mitigation may be used where appropriate such as testing and recording core temperatures on arrival (you may already have this in place) through the wearing of PPE and clips of the techniques being demonstrated sent to each delegate's phone or device for them to work from in groups.

If you wish to discuss this in more detail please get in touch.

Details of the online courses we are offering to both individuals and organisations can be found in our online shop here. 

Venue: Cotton Court, Church Street, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3BY

Date: 28th January 2022

Cost - £438 per person

This 1 day course is for those wishing to become a Trainer in the Safe and Effective use of Soft Restraint Equipment. It will allow you to train others (end users of the kit) how to safely and effective use the kit. The course can also serve as a refresher for those who are out of date. 

The Theory session of this course is now completed online and the training date above will include all the practical elements.

Equipment covered on the day will include all aspects of The Soft Restraint Kit® 'SRK': The use of the Soft Restraint Belt 'SRB', the application of Soft-cuffs 'SRC' and how they work in unison with SRBs, the Safe Holding System 'SHS' and transitions from Rigid cuffs to Soft Restraints.  We will also include training on the Safe and Effective use of our new product, the SEELS (Safer Emergency Enveloping Lifting Sling). More information about the SEELS can be found on the Home page. 

All Soft Restraint equipment are items of work equipment and their use in the United Kingdom is governed by PUWER (Provision and Use or Work Equipment Regulations). As per our requirements under Section 6 we do not supply kit without evidence of training.

Prerequisites:   Delegates should already hold a teaching/trainer qualification also hold or be working towards a physical skills training package. 

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or contact us for further details